Without curiosity and a sense leading to the living richness that is in some woods, one will always remain something of an engineer, even as a successful craftsman.

Many successful craftsmen are, alas, only engineers.


Nicola Tessari | Wood Artist

After graduating in electronic engineering and working in the industrial sector for 15 years, I decided to pursue my inner dream: opening a workshop in the heart of the mountains of Vicenza valleys, in Schio, and being driven to artisanal solid woodworking, a renewed kind of processing yet exquisitely antique. I make custom furniture, woodturning art and wooden lamps. I entirely project and realize every object by myself, cooperating with architects and designers from time to time. I deploy tools and techniques from traditional joinery, refining forms by hand. The idea that drives me is creating soulful objects, the key of my work is to make people feel the inborn uniqueness that lies in every piece of wood.

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My job reflects my approach to the things in life: love for simple things, authenticity and nature are my guiding principles


I use traditional tools such as chisels, hammers, saws and planes as they add extraordinary flexibility in the manufacture of unique pieces.


I only use local wood species for the turnings and the furniture pieces because I feel a sort of ancestral bond with them: although I like exotic woods, I prefer not to use them because in my eyes the finished object loks alienating, whereas local woods give me a comfortable sense of familiarity, of relathionship.


I design and build objects that are different than consumer products, objects that are conceived with love and created with dedication so that they last and stand out, making extensive use of hand tools, especially for finishing details. 


My workshop is part of the Wellmade circuit, where the best artisans from all over Italy are gathered.


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